“The digital signage industry is going through a tremendous transformation as a result of omnichannel expectations. This means that channel marketing tools like shelf edge digital interactives need simple, cloud-based content distribution platforms like Liftcast more than ever.” - Spencer Knisely, CMO, Pro-Motion Technology Group

in short…

Liftcast is a simple cloud-based content distribution service that lets marketers deploy and update custom HTML5 experiences to Android displays.

the problem….

Marketers and retail-experience pros are modernizing their brick & mortar environments with interactives — on-screen experiences that support brands and products with content and applications for customer engagement. The digital signage industry is geared toward passive content consumption. The industry has many options for the delivery of passive content but has few solutions for the mass distribution of interactives.

Liftcast gives retailers or CPGs a:

●  distribution hub for custom interactive HTML5 apps – no templates
●  reduced need for hardware
●  viable solution for bandwidth-constrained environments
●  lower total cost of ownership for large deployments
●  MDF revenue opportunity

the solution…
Liftcast dramatically reduces the cost of interactive content distribution by greatly reducing the need for expensive “big iron” hardware solutions and restrictive software licenses.