Builderlink is a B2B start-up in the lumber and building materials industry. The Builderlink product was imagined as a path for connecting lumberyards and other building materials dealers with contractors and their projects. After several years in business, the Builderlink product had a robust feature set and plenty of validation for some of the utility it offered. The business wanted to understand more about how their available features aligned with their business model, user needs, growth expectations.

Lift was chosen to satisfy the ownership/investment group’s desire for objective recommendations – separate from the current development team.

Lift performed a meticulous analysis of how lumberyards engage with contractors. We observed and learned how contractors organize to do their work.  We observed lumberyard operations.

We took these learnings and held them up against the Builderlink product to make recommendations about how the product could be evolved to provide more utility to users and bigger opportunity for the business.