Bauer Wins with Tikit


We are proud to be listed among the great vendors that worked with Perennial Inc. to realize their vision for Bauer Hockey’s Own the Moment stores. They won an A.R.E Design Award at Global Shop 2016.

Tikit is providing Bauer an easy way to notify customers that their skates are ready after sharpening. In addition, Tikit is notifying customers via SMS when it’s their turn for a skate fitting.



Tikit – Now with Self-Serve Option

Tikit Kiosk at Bauer (Bloomington, MN) and Bauer staff holding management view on their tablet. Tikit customizable self-serve view for kiosks.

Tikit web-based queue management has just launched a self-serve feature. Tikit clients now have the option to have their customers enter themselves into a waitlist kiosk or employees can enter customers as a part of a higher-touch experience.

Tikit is a customer experience enhancement for repair services, retail and restaurants that is ideal for two distinct, albeit similar, B2C environments where the customer has some expectation of a wait.

Tikit Use Case #1

A walk-in service where the customer needs to interact with a limited available staff. Companies typically keep enough staff on hand to accommodate a normal flow of customers. During peak times the staff on hand may become a bottleneck, leaving some customers having to wait. Examples of this include: restaurants, hair/nail salons, mobile phone stores, and any walk-in retail experience where “fitting” requires an employee assist.

A wait, in and of itself, is not a customer experience killer. However, making that customer wait in-place can quickly dismantle a customer’s perception of the business. Tikit enables a customer to freely roam/shop. Once the customer’s turn happens, their mood will likely be more receptive to suggestive selling and upsell products/services.

Tikit Use Case #2

A repair service where a customer is leaving an item at the store for service. This would include computers, bikes, cell phones, skates, cars, and skis. It is common for the business to physically call the customer to let them know their service item is ready for pick-up.

Customer expectations have evolved as smartphones and the use of SMS has spread to nearly every demographic category. A phone call is always more personal than an SMS but also more “invasive.” Many demographics prefer a simple text message over a call if an actual conversation isn’t necessary. In addition, the time cost of a call can be astronomical if compounded over hundreds or thousands of customers each year.

It’s time to try something new if your business is still using the red pagers, or if your employees need to make time consuming customer phone calls or, even worse, if you customers are forced to wait in-place.

Tikit provides a fast ROI, ease of use, and immediate experience improvement.